Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A very busy...

.... week! With the glorious weather and intermittent thunder storms, I have been slowly working my way through the garden. My son and I went halves on some shrubs and plants. We know what the shrubs are,they have labels, but the plants we are not sure about. They were delivered while son was out so DIL took delivery of them and took them all out of their packaging. We know the names ...but not which is which. So it will be a case of waiting and see till they grow bigger and flower so that we can investigate. The weather has not played nice with me though. I bought some lupin seeds and planted some straight out and some I started in trays. Not sure if the ones planted out are doing anything though...everything looks the same at the 2 leaf stage. The ones I planted in trays thrived and were put outside in their pots to acclimatise before going into a plot that I got ready. Well now they are no more. We had a thundery downpour and they got zapped. After all my careful nurturing! I've got some poppies started and I just hope they will survive when they are ready to go outside. I never have much luck with seeds....you'd think that a mixed packet of 6 varieties of annual scented flower seeds couldn't be hard. Well it is in my garden. The marigolds and Michaelmas daisies have disappeared, and the night scented stock has finally given up due to the heavy downpours and Theo laying on them. The others are fighting a battle and I may manage to get something out of them. Today started overcast..brightened up and then started raining about lunch time and it hasn't stopped. Hope it clears up for tomorrow though, I'm going shopping. Not our usual day for shopping but I have to work round other peoples schedules to be able to shop at all...unless I do it all on the Internet.
I've not done much crafting and didn't get any of the challenges from the blogs done. I have done 3 lots of ATC's though...Imag-e-nation forum, Crafts Beautiful forum and ATC Swappers.....and the Imag-e-nation forum card challenge.
Right..I'm off to watch Torchwood....ooh heaven....Captain Jack 5 days ina row. (Yes... I know he's gay and attached..but he is still gorgeous!!!)

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Anonymous said...

And...he was completely starkers in last night's Torchwood episode! Oh...it makes an old girl like me very happy! :) Anne x.