Monday, 13 July 2009

What the 'eck... up with blogger or IE....or both!? Can't access some of the blogs I like to visit and it wouldn't let me access my own blog yesterday....kept getting the abort message so I gave up. So can I apologise now to all the lovely people who's blogs I regularly visit...and I'm missing my fix of inspiration! It's not always the same blogs that it happens with though. It can change on a daily basis....and it's very frustrating!!! My counter and adsense at the bottom of the sidebar sometimes make an appearance, or not, and I'm not sure if the feedjit thingy down there is acurate either. So much for technology enhancing our certainly isn't enhancing mine at the moment. If anyone has any remedies for these problems I would love to hear them.


Anonymous said...

No remedy I'm afraid (I'm rubbish at technology) but just had to say that I'm liking your new photo! :) Anne x.

PeeJay said...

I'm liking your new photo as well but it's showing as a red 'x' in Followers list :0((
Sue, the problem is with IE and more with IE8 more than any other. There's a suggested solution from somebody on Facebook and I've put it on my Crafty Bits blog. The best solution seems to be ditching IE8 even if it means downloading a different browser like Firefox or Google Chrome. I use IE7 and I've Chrome for the times I have problems ... which, fortunately, isn't often!

Liz said...

Love your new picture too Sue. x