Monday, 6 April 2009

A thank you... the lovely Liz for an award. She is a lovely caring lady who I only know "online" through the imag-e-nation forum and her lovely blog. She has not been well herself but has always given me support with a comment or two when things have not been going well. Thank you're a star! I'm supposed to pass it on but again my list of worthy recipients is far too if you a regular on here please accept this award for deserve it!

I'm not sure whether I'm improving health wise at the moment. The weekend has been spent in a bit of a haze...and I'm just beginning to resurface. The antibiotics have had a side effect of causing hearing loss. As I am partially deaf anyway and the infection has caused my tinnitus to increase in volume, it has been very difficult balance wise. I'm still a little disorientated and can't stand or walk for very long. At the moment it feels as if I have gone right back to where I started from 4 years ago...perhaps that me being pessimistic. Of course I ought to have known better when I said it was just a cold..I never have a cold. Even as a child I didn't have colds. Just every 5 years or so I would come down with bronchitis, which kept me off school for about a month. The doctors said this was because of the TB I had when very young. I also think that's why I was never ill otherwise...I had so much penicillin pumped into me germs never dared come near me! It's a bit ironic now though because I now have a penicillin allergy. Weird!

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