Friday, 3 April 2009

Just a quick post.... cos I'm off to my bed. You know that cold I started with last week......guess what?...fluid on my lungs. Why can't things be simple...I'm now on antibiotics, after managing to get past a receptionist who insisted that there were no doctors appointment available until after the bank holiday. Good grief! I know the surgery serves a large area, and isn't the only surgery in the area by the way..but there are 10 doctors there most days. Well....I got to see the senior practise nurse, who after a quick examination consulted with a doctor and I came away with antibiotics and told to book a lung efficiency test when this clears up. She did say that the antibiotics should clear it...but if I'm not feeling any better by Monday, I have to phone and I will be seen by a doctor. Comforting?

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Liz said...

Sorry to hear you are unwell again Sue. Know what you mean about the doctor's surgery and receptionists. Please pop over to my blog I have something to cheer you up.