Tuesday, 10 February 2009

My head hurts!!!

Why?..because I have been surfing the net looking for the best deal on basic card stock. You know the one.....you need it to actually start to make a card. There are sooo many suppliers out there and some with really good prices ...until you see the p&p. Anyhow..... I have decided to shop local. When I've worked out the basic price,+ p&p + how many cards I can actually get out of 1 sheet, a local supplier (the other side of the city, but the p&p is cheaper than the bus fare) gives me the best deal. Just have to wait until the weekend now before I can order...no pennies 'til then.
I've not done much crafting these last few days...I'm aching all over, can't get warm and I'm so tired. Shopping last Friday really wiped me out. I've only ventured out a couple of times since, as the pavements have been so icy. I got shouted at by a motorist for doing so. Was walking on the road....which was clear of ice....the correct way, facing ongoing traffic...and was told to get off the f****** road! I ask you...what am I supose to do? Stay shut away in the house....or risk falling on the ice and breaking a hip or my back.
I did do one card though for a comp. It was done before I found Jackie's tut on colouring though. It's for Bootiful Stampz. Make a card or atc using only the colours pink, blue, purple and white. I have used a gold rub-on for the sentiment..so that just might disqualify it. The image is a digi-stamp from Sketching Stamper.
I'm loving these digi stamps that are popping up all over the place...they're great if you are on a tight budget (and aren't we all at the moment?) Lots of images at a fraction of the price of stamps. Ok, they do have some disadvantages...but on the other hand there are advantages too..so we win all round!