Thursday, 19 February 2009

Made one....

..a card that is. Can't show it yet as it's for a forum challenge. I'm not entirely happy with it though. Theo didn't help by trying to sit on it while it was still wet. It's been a frustrating day. Was supposed to be going shopping with son and DIL....he rang me up as I had overlaid...didn't actually get to sleep until about 5.30 this morning. Got myself ready to go, then youngest came in and told me that he hasn't been paid his it wasn't worth me going shopping considering the fares, for only half the shopping I needed. When my son managed to sort it seems that they hadn't paid him because he hadn't signed on last Friday.....but his signing on day is Monday, which he did. Turns out someone has put the wrong data in to the computer so there was no authorisation for a payment to be made. They did make him an emergency part payment, but he has to go in next Monday and then he can have the rest of his entitlement on the Thursday. Meanwhile I have had to borrow money off my other son to take us through to next week....GGGGRRRRR!!!!!!!

On a happier note...there is loads of wonderful blog candy up for grabs. Go check these out!

Lacey celebrating 50,000 hits with scrummy candy!..ends 22nd February

Rach....has SU goodies ..Ms punches and loads of other goodies!...ends 22nd February

Steph...10.000 hits....SU goodies!.....ends 22nd February

Bev....birthday celebration and 150,000 hits...2 lots of candy!!...ends 24th February

Nikki...blogaversary celebration with 5 lots of candy!...ends 24th February

Donna is launching a backing paper CD...and the chance to win it!...ends 28th February

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