Thursday, 5 February 2009

It's been a week...

..since I last posted, and the main topic of conversation in the UK at the moment is the surprise there then. What does surprise me, is that the snow we are experiencing at the moment was forecast...but to listen to news reports you'd think it was unheard of phenomenon!
After last week's swimming....I didn't do a lot....boy did I know about it. It's taken most of this week to recover from it. Monday saw the first snow and I did manage to get to my appointment with my GP. Being deep, fresh snow, I wasn't too worried about falling. It's now that I'm under compacted snow. My GP did prescribe a calcium and vitamin that's 6 lots of medication I now take on a daily basis...although the calcium isn't strictly classed as medication.
It was supposed to be shopping day today, but of course there was no chance. No buses to get there and we couldn't guarantee a taxi home. Hopefully we will see what the weather throws at us in the morning and with any luck we may be able to make it. My cupboards are nearly bare!
I've haven't done any cards this week. I've been busy painting ..or trying to. I'd like to be able to colour in images a lot better than I do at the moment. I've kept trying and just haven't been able to get it right.....but....I think I may have cracked it....thanks to Jackie. I've now realized what I've been doing wrong....not cleaning excess colour off my brush when blending. I've been having another go and my efforts are a lot better,....not as flat, a bit more definition. Still need more practise though. Thank you Jackie!
Now to show you the card that I made for the Imag-e-nation challenge. The card had to have a shape with a flower or flowers on, the sentiment and a ribbon or bow.
The image is a digi -stamp..Daisy Crazy from Sketching Stamper. I wasn't too confident about water colouring so I chalked it instead...and I came joint 4th place!...quite chuffed with that. So here it is.

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Louly said...

Aw that's such a pretty card, lovely layout.