Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The saga continues....

My health continues to get worse. Some of it is probably due to the cold weather. My muscle and joint pains seem to be increasing, and my fingers and feet are swelling more often. I went to see the doctor again...not the one I have been seeing.....she wasn't available. I have now had to stop the latest medication in order to be tested for a stomach bug, which apparently is very common, most people don't know they have it as it doesn't usually cause any problems. This bug could be causing excess acid which might account for the chest pains, so the doctor says. I go for a breath test at my local chemist at 9.30 next Monday..... 9.30!!!!!...I don't do mornings! It's not too bad though and might solve the problem. I can't have anything to eat and can only have water to drink for 6 hours before...hence the time. The test seems quite simple.....I tablet....then breathe into 2 tubes....wait 15 minutes then breathe into tubes again. If it showing that I have the bug...... a course of 2 types of antibiotics....problem solved. Now I don't mean to sound pessimistic but......the doctor has has given me more of the medication and put them on repeat for me to be taken if and when I need them. Another case of wait and see.
The saga of the replacement windows continues. The manager has been out to see me and replaced the broken one, and given an apology for the damage done to my garden. The housing association have not been so forthcoming. After a few missed calls and left messages i finally managed to talk to the refurbishment manager. She is sending a surveyor to look at the work. The thing that has really got me spitting feathers is the fact that the window company told me that the cladding over the old wooden cladding was a temporary measure as they would be removed and the walls re plastered round the windows when the refurbishment takes place. The housing association has today said that this is not the case..the windows are staying as they are!!! I am totally gobsmacked by this. It sounds as though it is a case of passing the buck. as you can probably imagine..I AM NOT A HAPPY BUNNY!!!!! I am going to contact the window company and get.... in writing.....why the windows have been done as they are. If I get no satisfaction from housing association on the matter then I will be kicking up an almighty fuss...local papers and all!!!! OK... rant over for now, and I make no apologies for becoming a grumpy old woman!

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