Sunday, 25 November 2007

New windows...

The last 2 weeks have been a nightmare. The estate I live on has been taken over by a housing association and is being refurbished. My house is due for modernization in 2009. The work is taking some time, but the company which fits the new UPVC doors are ahead. That meant a new front door..but no back door. When I queried this I was told it was because the layout of the new kitchens might mean an alteration in the floor level..hence the reason for no back door. No problem..I can understand that. Last week I had new UPVC double glazed windows fitted. BIG problem!!!! The old windows were taken out and the new windows fitted with cladding partially covering the original internal window frames!!! Why????? The old frames will be removed and the walls re plastered when the house is refurbished. What a waste of time and financial resources. The kitchen window was 3 inches too short and they've put cladding over my newly plastered and tiled window sill, even though a surveyor was supposed to have measured each window. What surveyor? I haven't seen a surveyor..unless it was the woman seen walking round the estate with a clipboard. The outside tiled bedroom windowsills have been damaged and loose broken tiles wedged in under the new frames, positively dangerous in my view, and one of the windows has a lovely big crack. To top it all the workmen plonked their heavy tool boxes on my front garden and proceeded to trample all over my plants. When I pointed this out to them I was told not to worry about it..plants die at this time of year anyway. Unbelievable!!!! These are just a few of the complaints I have about the work. I have been seething and cleaning up the whole house. The results of that saw me in bed the best part of 2 days..I was exhausted. A stern letter has been written to the window company and also the housing association. Window co. has been in touch and taken photos of the work. I'm still waiting for a response from housing....but I'm not holding my breath.
To console myself I bought some new stamps for my card making. shouldn't have really..but what the heck.....and I found a wonderful craft blog. "Fred, she said"..Tracy Miller..her designs are wonderful and she puts some lovely stuff on there for downloading. Any crafters out there.... check it out.

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