Saturday, 5 May 2007

What a week...

What a week this has been. Monday saw me having to go into town on my own. I don't usually do this as I tend to get somewhat disorientated and flustered. There were only two places I had to go and there is a relatively short distance between them so I thought I would be OK. The journey into town by bus seemed to take forever. It was busy and there are ongoing roadworks building a new inner ring road. I finally arrived and went into the first was busy and I had quite a long wait in the queue. Got out of there and went to my bank. This was the main reason for having to go into town since my local branch has been shut down. Oh dear...must make mental note never to go again during lunch hours. Thirty five minutes wait in a seemingly never reducing queue. At last I was on my home. It was then that the sheer mental exhaustion set in. I wanted to get off the bus as quickly as possible..but I knew that I couldn' was the only way home. Tuesday saw me being able to do precisely nothing, except to rest and try and recover. Wednesday I was off into town again. This time it was to meet my friend for lunch. We usually have lunch and then spend a very pleasant couple of hours slowly meandering round the shops. Not today though, we were both tired. Instead we spent some time just sitting in the Peace Gardens. The proper name is the memorial gardens, but few actually call them that. It's very relaxing listening to the water flowing, and it was a beautiful day. Thursday..out again..this time my fortnightly jaunt to a freezer food shop with son and daughter-in-law. I didn't get half of what I brain just refused to comply with my request to concentrate and think.
Thursday was also polling day for the local councils. I didn't vote. Why? Well we were given the chance to vote online...but unfortunately the application for this service only reached me the day before the deadline...and as I had no idea who was standing for election due to not receiving any leaflets/canvassing material I felt that my vote wasn't really deemed important by the candidates. Apathy on my part perhaps, but I was not alone. The turnout for my district was a mere 31%. Perhaps future candidates will take note of that information for future reference.
The last two days have been spent mainly resting and doing only the minimum necessary. Sunday is my day for lunch at son and daughter-in-laws; hopefully I will be able to make it without too much of a drain on my energy.
On top of all this my mind has been elsewhere. It was a year ago that my soul mate..the man who I found love with, the man I was engaged to, the man who made my life so happy and loved me, lost his battle with cancer. I think a little bit of me died with him.

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