Friday, 11 May 2007

M.E Awareness.

I AM NOT A HAPPY BUNNY!!!! Today I received notification from my bank informing me that after careful consideration, they do not feel that my complaint about excessive, (should read extorionate), bank charges is justified, therefore do not feel obliged to reimburse me. It is not ending there. I will be forwarding my complaint to the financial ombudsman....huh!!..see what the bank has to say then! According to the FO the banks usually pay up or make a reasonable offer before a decision is made by the them. I see this as a delaying tactic by the banks so that they can hang on to my money a little bit longer and make even more profit for them. Watch this space
Last week the council appointment have my gas fire and boiler inspected and is the law. I was out when the engineer arrived but my son was in. By the time he had got to the door the man was gone and a card was left informing me that he would be back today....Friday the 11th. No one turned up. I spent the whole day waiting. I wanted to go to bed this afternoon to rest..but I didn't dare.. I didn't want to miss the engineer. NOT HAPPY.
I don't usually go to bed during the day but I haven't been sleeping well again and I am exhausted. Rant over.
Saturday the 12th May is M.E. awareness day. Indeed May is M.E. awareness month. I know that there will be marches in London and petitions handed in at Downing Street. I can only applaud and give my heartfelt thanks to those brave and persistent campaigners who work tirelessly on behalf of the M.E. community. Without them we would be even less recognized than we are now.

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