Friday, 20 July 2012

I'm still here...

..just been engrossed. I've been spending a lot of time on the Craft Artist forum...(CAP). There are so many very knowledgeable and talented people on there. I'm determined to use CAP rather than it being sat on my computer doing nothing. It is a fairly simple programme to use..even for me! My problem is the brain fog I get with the M.E. I can read something and a few seconds later have forgotten everything I've read. I've started by slowly reading something, then finding all the instructions on the CAP help files and printing them out, then actually trying the techniques for myself. It works for me even though it is a bit slow and  time spent on the comp tires me very quickly. I'm getting there.
The rest of my time has been spent dodging the rain. Trying to catch up with my gardening in the short spells of nice weather, and also going over to eldest sons to try and keep his garden from running amok. He badly damaged his hand and now has had carpal tunnel surgery which has meant that he is very limited to what he can do. Me and one of my other sons are going over there tomorrow to help with shifting carpets and furniture. New central heating is being installed next week and the council have told him that the workmen have got to be able to get to the pipework and radiators or else it doesn't get done. You'd think they would offer him some help...he is registered as disabled after all.
I haven't done much crafting at home but have actually made two cards at the craft group...and something new to me...iris folding.  I've never been able to actually make a card before as we are so busy helping the others. No sentiments on the cards as yet.
I didn't like the leaves on the tulip pattern so used quilled leaves instead. Pearl papers and silver peel offs.
(Not used peel offs for a long time.)

Used some patterned papers from my stash and gold peel offs

Blogger not playing nice at the moment..wont let me put pics where I want to...grrrr

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