Sunday, 10 July 2011

Time is flying..... I've got so much I want and need to do but this week I've been exhausted. Have done very little the last couple of days. Perhaps it's the heat that's got to me...thankfully it's a little cooler now.  Wednesday was shopping in town...bought some crafting goodies....nothing much..just a few bits from the 99p store. Amazing what you can find if you have a good browse. Friday saw the OT. Not a long appointment but gave me some tips on relaxation in the hope it may help me sleep better. I've never been a good sleeper at the best of times so I'm not pinning too much hope there. She's away for all of August but I can contact the hospital if need be. Met with Anne for lunch and a good old catch up on the gossip. I haven't done any crafting at all!!!  If I can get motivated this week and get jobs done that need doing, then perhaps I can spend some "me" time in my crafting space...and I want to do a couple of very small cross stitch projects. It's sitting there on the top of my box just waiting to be stitched.  I want to try and get them done at a time when I don't have much else to do, otherwise my fingers will swell and I won't be able to hold the needle. to take my medication now and try to have an early night with some quality sleep.

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Anonymous said...

There was some juicy gossip too! Hope you can get everything done so you can have some "me" time crafting. Anne x.