Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Finished it!

Finished what I hear you asking.  Cataloguing all my stamps, that's what. Put all my clear stamps in empty cd cases...all nice and neat ..and I know what I've got now. Stamped all my stamps onto paper and sorted by type...floral, cute, flourishes, sentiments, Christmas etc.. and then into sleeves in a ring binder. Each image has a cd case number, or if it is a wooden backed. Now all I have to do is browse my folder and locate the stamp I want quickly and easily. Sorted! The inspiration for this method came from Peejay...thank you. Now the next job is to sort my digi images. I have quite a few..some purchased....others generously given as freebies.  Most of them are in a folder on my external hard-drive....which is fine....but it would be easier to browse an actual folder, and then I would know at a glance what I have. Sometimes I think I've got a particular image but can't remember if it is a digital or a stamp. Will save a lot of time.  I've also been busy sorting other craft stuff....my ribbons especially. They were wound onto wooden dolly pegs but they had outgrown their space. Now they are wound onto card and colour coded...all in a their own box which I can keep in sight instead of being hidden away in a drawer. All this re-organising has made more room for my buttons, brads and eyelets which tended to get pushed to the back of drawers.  My crafting space is very limited but now it's easier to find things. I'm a happier crafter now.  All this re-organising hasn't left much time for actual crafting though.  Hoping to get some done in the next few days. though.  I had a busy week last week..town on Wednesday with eldest to do some shopping and banking.... and then town again Thursday for lunch and a good old natter with Anne...needed that! was hoping to do some gardening at the weekend but the weather and the fact that I was totally beat put paid to that.  The weather has been a little better the last couple of days but no chance of gardening. I went to the the hospital today for a rheumatology appointment and got a definite diagnosis of osteo arthritis and more medication. That's seven lots of medication I'm on now. I don't have to go back for another 6 months.  Tomorrow and Thursday I have 2 more hospital visits. Both at the same hospital at the other end of the city. Tomorrow is with the physiotherapists for the arthritis, Thursday for breast screening.  It's a lot of travelling and extremely tiring. Thankfully the boys are being very good and pulling out the stops as far as housework and cooking go. They don't always show much awareness of my health difficulties but they are being very considerate at the moment, and I am grateful for that. Oh..got my new specs. Varifocals and they are great!!  I knew I'd missed having them but didn't realize just how much until I got these new ones. I'm finding the computer a lot easier and hopefully will be able to catch up with everything. I'm so behind with my blog list, updating this blog and keeping my Picasa ATC pictures up to date.  It's great not having to constantly change glasses whenever I need to read something...eg...instructions, shopping, visiting the library, filling in prescription forms.


Anonymous said...

Great that you've managed to sort out your crafting stuff at last. Hopefully you've now got more room to use. I needed that natter with you last week too! Hope this week is going as well as it can do. Big hugs!!! Anne x.

Anonymous said...

I also have so much stuff to take care of.. MMMMM, sometimes it feels there isn't enough time in the day. lol