Thursday, 14 January 2010

Still got the snow...

..but it is starting to thaw...slowly. The pavements are even more treacherous....solid packed ice.
Well the woman from the house modernization contracters came to see me at last, and the work starts a week next Monday...and I'm staying in. If I opted to move out while the work was done, it meant waiting for possibly another 9 to 12 months. I just want to get it over and done with. I won't be able to use the washing machine or cooker for approximately 9 weeks. They are providing me with a small table top oven and 2 rings. With the microwave it shouldn't be too bad.  There is a respite centre a short bus ride away with facilities to do washing...but I think my son and DIL will help with that...I did it for them when there house was modernised. We will have to use the living room as a kitchen for the duration.....lived in bed-sit land for a few years when my first 2 were little so I think I will be able to manage. I can always escape to eldests for a few hours if it gets a bit too much. Just got to get a load of stuff packed to go into storage while the work is being done. We're having a de-clutter at the same time. The boys emptied the loft today.....amazing the stuff we hang onto. Anyway... there is already a big pile of junk outside waiting to be collected  and we haven't even started on the bedrooms yet.  Unfortunately I will have to pack away most of my craft stuff...sob.. sob..but it will be for the best as there will be dust and muck everywhere. I'm keeping my cross stitch and parchment tools to hand though ( they take up very little room) so I may get a chance to practise and improve on both of these.

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