Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Stop the world....

...I want to get off! Not very original I know but it's how I feel right now. After last Thursday's shopping I'm only just starting to get a grip as it were. I think I've identified the problem I've been having concerning the vertigo and the late sleeping. I take a medication every Saturday for the osteoporosis, and have done for a while now. The side effects are listed and it does say that for the first few weeks these can be apparent but should wear off. Well I didn't have any side effects......but I think I am now...so I'm going to try and get an appointment with my GP and see if she agrees with me.
Yesterday I went to meet my eldest son in town, outside one of our main craft shops because it is shutting down and everything is half price. There wasn't much left but I did get a few things that you just need. Now I've been to this shop a few times and it is just round the corner from the bus stop so no problems...or so I thought. Got off the bus OK then crossed the road and then the panic set in. I was lost and didn't know where the heck I was. Managed to pull myself together and phoned son. Luckily he was already there told me to stay where I was and he would come and fetch me.....which he did. I've never had this happen to me before and I felt so foolish....but at the same time scared to death.
I've managed to get the card orders done and was hoping to start my own cards today. I didn't get up until late..again..but worked out that I should be able to make a start tomorrow and get them done this week...but (there's always a but)..my youngest's friend asked me if I could make him 5 cards. OK....who are they for...what size etc? He doesn't know..just wants 5 "bog standard" Christmas cards. Crafters dont do bog standard! I'll probably make him 5 fairly simple ones and hope he likes them. Told my eldest about this and asked his advice what sort of cards...his answer.. "ask John (my youngest) what sort of cards he would like." No good..John doesn't "do" cards, of any type, so that idea is out.
Here are a couple of the cards I did for orders. I've done them both using free images and backing papers from Jak. I apologise for the quality of the pics....blame it on the lack of daylight and my hurry to take pics before they were handed over.

Punch used is Friskars. Round sentiment is Funky Fairy's. Rest of is from my stash.

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