Thursday, 22 October 2009

Early Christmas presents.....

...or late birthday presents.....depends which way you look at it. Last week my electric bill was available to view online... (I opt for paperless billing where possible)...and I got a shock. I pay for my electric fortnightly with a budget account....and have received no communication that I might be paying too much. Well I phoned the company and asked for details of the amount. Apparently they have been estimating my bills even though my meter has been read regularly. I was £205 in credit! Well I got it credited to my bank account so I have been on a small spending spree. As I am a Halifax bank customer...(might not be for much longer though..simpler charges?..extortion more like!)... I have paid my small overdraft and I now have a healthier balance. I thought I would treat myself to a have been trawling the internet looking for good deals on the Bigshot or the Cuttlebug. Had just about decided on the Bigshot when I went on the Docraft site and what did I see?..a die cutter for under £40..and just under £5 for postage. Ordered it's arrived today! I'm a happy bunny. Only problem at the moment is that I have only got brass stencils to play with.....but I have been playing and I love it! Now I have to decide what to get next for it....I do have a limited budget. Also got another present....this time from son and DIL. A new wrist watch. I've always worn one but mine gave up the ghost and I have felt lost without one. I know I can use my mobile phone but I've never got into the habit with that.
I've been so tired this week and I'm just starting to feel human. Last Saturday I went with son and DIL to visit the river boat lights at Matlock Bath. It was an evening trip, again arranged by their local T.A.R.A., and it was fantastic. There was a fair, so spent a little, and to end the evening a fireworks display. I did get some pictures but not good ones I'm afraid. I spent the night at their house and had Sunday lunch before dragging my very tired self home.
What with postal strikes, bus strikes, fire service strikes..I think it best to stay at home and craft. I will be stopping off at the craft shop next week....well it is on the way to the freezer shop. The prices are a bit higher than on the Internet but the service is fantastic.....(free cuppa while you're browsing).... and they do have a loyalty points scheme.

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