Thursday, 24 September 2009

I'm downright disgusted.....

..with my so called siblings!!! Today was my older sister's funeral. It was a beautiful service and well attended by relatives, neighbours, care staff from the hospital and past work colleagues of my sister...except that myself, my eldest son and an aunt who I don't remember (my mother was one of 12) were the only relatives from "our side" of the family. A short explanation here. I am the middle one of 5..older brother and sister..younger brother and sister. When I was about 5 we were put into care. I still don't know the exact reasons...but that's another story. Elder brother and sister stayed with my father, gran and grandad. Younger brother and sister were fostered together. I was fostered separately. As young children we all saw each other fairly often. Later we drifted apart but still kept in touch. I haven't spoken to my younger sister for 20 years or so, and my younger brother for about 10 years. (yet again another story!) Anyway when my sister died I got in touch with them both. Brother wasn't interested...but my other sister did get in touch and intimated that she would attend the funeral. Well they didn't come, and they didn't send a card or flowers...nothing!! It didn't go unnoticed by several people. I am so angry with them..not only for my sister but also for her husband and son. Even if they felt that they couldn't attend surely a card or note acknowledging my sisters passing would not have gone amiss. My eldest brother wasn't there either, which surprised me, but perhaps there was an explanation for that. I didn't really like to ask at the time, not wanting to upset them any more than they were. I have been tempted to phone my sister and ask for some kind of explanation..but I've decided against that. I don't want to dignify their behaviour by responding to them.
OK..rant over.

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Sylvia said...

Hi Sue
So sorry to hear about the loss of your sister, I think they could have sent a card but please don't make yourself poorly by letting this fester inside.

Sending you loads of Love and Hugs
Sylvia R