Thursday, 9 January 2014

Things getting back to normal...

...I hope. Last year was a bit of a disaster for me. Financial problems with the council taking 8 to 10 weeks to sort out a claim for housing and council tax benefits. This started when youngest son found work. Any changes to your circumstances means that any claim you currently have is suspended. Meaning that during this time I was liable for full rent and council tax. Well this caused a lot of problems with the housing landlords constantly phoning and visiting, demanding full payment and threatening eviction. I could have understood their insistence if I hadn't been paying anything but as it was I was paying over the odds which left us very short. No wonder my doctor got a bit worried when my blood pressure went sky high.  Finally got things sorted when I spoke to another member of their "management team". So much for them saying" they are always there to help"...NOT!!!  Suffice to say Christmas was a quiet one all round for us.
During all this I had no computer and it made me feel very  isolated. I'm getting out much less now due to the pain and fatigue caused by the ME and arthritis.  Not been able to get out in the garden either ..and it really does need some work before spring.
I have managed some crafting but not a lot. Got to get a wriggle on though as I have a few family birthdays coming up. Any way here a few pictures of some of my work.....not many 'cos I forgot to take pics.
First off....a card for granddaughters birthday. It wasn't as bright as it looks in the rubbish photography.

Next a few Christmas cards

And finally  a card for grandson.

Well that's all for now. May I take this belated opportunity to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.

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