Friday, 15 February 2013

Halfway through February......

....already! Where is the time going?  I'm still struggling with my health. I have had a cold that hasn't developed fully for months now and it's really draining my energy. I will be glad when the warmer weather is finally here (whenever that might be!).  On top of that I now have a raging toothache. I have to confess that I haven't been to a dentist in nearly eight years, ever since my dentist of twenty five years went private and I couldn't afford the fees. Been browsing on the web trying to find a NHS dentist within a reasonable distance and who has places. Think I will end up at the dental hospital. Here in South Yorkshire we haven't been as badly affected by the weather as some parts of the country. Thankful for small mercies. Still doing a bit of crafting but not as much as I'd like to. I'm trying to get ahead with family cards but not making much headway. I have done what I needed to though.
The first one I saw in a magazine and decided it would be perfect for youngest grandson.....he loves his Lego. Had a bit of a job cutting out the circles for the bricks though....I don't have a circle punch or die the right size.

The next one.....for another grandson. I loosely followed a sketch ..again from a magazine....and used some of my scraps of paper. Got lots of scraps. It's my intention to try and use them as much as possible.

This one was for my eldest's birthday. I used a Dustin Pike image. Kept it black and white and only coloured the artist's materials....and added some buttons. A crafter himself and loves buttons on cards.
 He also attends an art therapy group (he suffers with depression) and he's becoming quite an acomplished (sp?)  artist.

An the last one..a card for youngests girlfriend. Again inspired by a craft magazine....great for when your mojo decides to go walkabout.....and used op some more of my scraps. I also entered this for this months challenge on Crafters Re-united. Haven't entered a challenge for a few months, but realized that it fitted the bill with all the right elements. 


Kimbo said...

A great selection of cards Sue. I love that Lego x

Anonymous said...

Aww! :( I'll be glad when the warmer weather comes too and lighter nights. In the meantime just do as much as you feel you can reasonably do. Can't ask more than that. Cards are great as always. Love the Lego one in particular. A very clever design. Anne x.