Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I can't believe....

....that it's almost a month since my last post. Where have the last few months gone?'ll soon be Christmas!!  Again I have been very busy with the weather dictating most of my activities. We had what could be described as almost a tropical heatwave....then more downpours. I've been helping my eldest getting his garden tidied. A few weeks ago he broke his hand (an argument with a door that the door won unfortunately) and has found.....and is still....finding it very difficult to use. His hand is permanently damaged and combined with his other health problems it isn't easy for him. It's also meant that I've had to do more at the weekly craft club.....he hasn't been able to help some of our members as much, being right handed and it was the right hand that he injured.
My yearly eye test was due and I've had that with no prescription has altered very slightly but not enough that I needed new glasses.  Also had my prescription review at the doctors. No blood pressure was slightly up but the doc said that  may be due to the medication, and I've lost some weight,,,again. Really pleased about that considering I don't get the exercise I used to and I don't do diets.  It helps the osteo arthritis if I can maintain it.
Anyway.....this week was the turn of my garden again. I got the front garden done at the weekend, was only going to cut the grass but ended up doing it all. Today I managed to cut the two lawns in the back and edged the bottom lawn and weeded the flower beds before the rain started.  The plants are really flourishing but so are the weeds.  The weather has forecast for more rain over the next couple of days so I can't see me getting the rest done this week. A good thing really, otherwise I would be tempted to get out there and get it finished...and then I would be paying the price with pain for the next few days and then nothing would get done.
Billy and Olly (my two cats) have been loving going outside, but I worry when they are out now. Ollie hasn't wandered from the garden yet.....preferring to lie in the sun.......but Billy is venturing further afield. Not far...only the neighbouring gardens....but my little Theo wasn't far from home when he was killed on the road.  I always give a sigh of relief when Billy comes back safe and sound.
No cards made this time .....just been playing with things in my stash and trying things out. I want to make a card for this months forum challenge but my mojo is having a little holiday. Perhaps it will come back with the rain.

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